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Internet of Things Conference 2010, tokyo, japan, november 29 - december 1, 2010

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CFP updated Aug. 31!

Papers addressing the broader topics outlined before will be considered equally, but we ask submitters to more specifically address the topics and questions outlined in this updated version.

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september 10, 2010
september 15, 2010

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october 1, 2010

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october 15, 2010

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november 29, 2010

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As more people move to cities, it becomes increasingly challenging to build efficient infrastructures that support the needs of inhabitants without sacrificing the quality of life. The increasing digital instrumentation of urban areas through various networked sensors provides many opportunities to design smarter cities through a meaningful interpretation and usage of all this real-time data. In today's world, there are strong incentives to leverage the most recent technologies to create digital infrastructures that foster collaboration between the different disciplines involved in urban design. By considering the IoT as a platform for engaging citizen’s action, a new design space is created where citizens are at the center of its urban environment and empowered to actively shape the city they live in.

The goal of this workshop is to gather original and inspiring contributions from technology experts, researchers in academia and industry, designers, urban planners, and architects that are willing to share their knowledge, experiences, and best practices for building smarter cities. We will explore the design of open and efficient platforms and tools to collect, analyze, store, and share the enormous amount of real-time data digital cities generate through a mix of papers, demos, invited presentations and open discussions for collectively create the city of the future.

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This first international workshop on the urban internet of things will be held in conjunction internet of things conference 2010 in tokyo, japan, november 29 - december 1, 2010.